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Saturday, 21 September 2013

Crimson Hunters Done!

Hey all,

So I started yesterday after work assembling my two Crimson Hunters and well I spent all day today and finally got them done. They are all ready for NWG next weekend. I still have to assemble and paint 10 Guardians and a support weapon. Easy Peasy ;) I only realised after posting these pics that I forgot to finish the target reticule on the canopy. Will only be a quick fix though so all good.



  1. Ah stop it right now; you're not allowed paint models that are nicer than mine.

  2. Come on Jay if that was the case Johno wouldn't be able to paint at all lol

    They look great Johno.

  3. Aww thanks lads, yeh they turned out well som im happy :)Starting on the Guardian Squad today so will post up pics of those too.

  4. I came across some clear paints recently that u can use to add colour to canopies. The green might look great on these.
    They are already class btw.