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Tuesday, 20 August 2013

The Three War Hosts March to War!

Hello there fellow seers, and welcome to The Witchblade, a new Eldar dedicated blog. Here, the three elders on the council, Seer Mike, Pheonix Lord Jay and Autarch John will be journeying with you through the Infinity Circuit and sharing their experiences while in command of their mighty War Hosts. They are going to divulge exclusive tactical data of our combat doctrine when facing our most hated enemies and sometimes the restraint we must exercise when allied with our Commorragh cousins or the Mon Kei.

Tactical analysis of our armed forces will be provided for study by our newly sanctioned Guardians and review of past battles will be scrutinized dissected so we might perform better in engagements in the future. Great warriors will share their wisdom from other Craftworlds on their own advice and tactical knowledge.
It matters not whether you have chosen the path of the seer or warrior or even the gardener, you will find The Witchblade second to none on the Infinity Circuit for all the Eldar information you require.

So join us on this new path, the path of The Witchblade and for every one Eldar slain in battle we shall slay a thousand of our enemy!

The Council.


  1. Best of luck with the new blog guys.

  2. Alright boys, lets get some content rolling!

  3. Nice looking blog, all the best for the future!

    Consider yourself added to my blog list :)