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Friday, 20 December 2013

A New Eldar Craftworld is Born

Hey guys,

As you know I have collected Saim Hann Eldar for a while now. This was inspired by Fritz from www.fritz40k.com. However after a few years i'm a bit bored of the colour scheme and am thinking of a new Craftworld for my foot Eldar and my Wraith army. I want to do these armies with my air brush and I want to give them a battle hardened look as opposed to the usual bright and vibrant Eldar look. My Saim Hann were painted using Army Painter spray cans as basecoats but I want to master the airbrush and take my level of painting to a whole new level.

Also being into my fluff I need a good background for the Craftworld. Any ideas from your creative minds? If anyone can think of a cool and fluffy name for the Craftworld too I will name my high Farseer after you (with an Eldar twist of course).

Here are some of my models that were used to try out my airbrush. They are my learning curve and I must say I was happy with them.




  1. How about Mymeara from IA 11, their ice blue colour scheme lends very well to an air brush, as to the fluff they are a declining craftworld heavily relying on wraithbone constructs and allied eldar to acquire an ancient phoenix lord's armour to resurrect him. You don't get cooler than that.

  2. Heya Hugh and Merry Christmas to you. Regarding Mymeara I wont lie, they look nice and I have considered them and not ruled them out. I really want to go with a realistic and battle hardened look. Taking my time in deciding. Im tempted by this colour scheme http://taleofpainters.blogspot.ie/2013/06/showcase-eldar-wraithknight.html?m=1#more